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A Christmas Version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah

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yeet to the yat to the good ol zim. am i rite

If you ask any World Racer, the concept of home becomes quite skewed once you get on the field. As I was listening to The Head and the Heart the other day, the lyrics “you’re already home where you feel loved” played, and it struck a cord with me. In Nepal especially, I kind of realized that I don’t really have the stereotypical view of a home anymore, but then Zim came, and now I find myself here in Zambia, feeling ridiculously homesick for the place I resided for bare

One Month, Five Cities.

Wow! I can’t believe month 4 is over and we’re already half way through month 5! Month 4 was extremely busy for us. Each week we moved to a different city in Malaysia and partnered with a local church. I put together some pictures to give you a glimpse of what ministry looked like for us, so here is an overview of our time in each city! Week 1: Kuala Terengganu Pastor Stephen - St. Andrew’s Church I posted a blog about this week, previously. If you missed it, you can click th

Empowered by God

Speaking to many nations! I remember reading about Paul speaking and people of many nations understanding. I never thought it would become my story. I’m a people person. I love including everyone and loving on people. Even if I can’t speak to them, I can usually pick up on body language.During our last week in Indonesia we went to the evacuees camp for people who were displaced from mount agund. The volcano had erupted and they had to leave home. Not knowing how long they&rsqu