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39 Days.

39 days. That’s it.   283 days in foreign countries have come and gone in just the blink of an eye. Honestly, I can’t believe it.   When people have asked me “are you excited to come home?” My answer is almost always “I’m ALMOST excited.” Is it because I don’t miss my people or my home? Not at all... I think it’s more so a feeling of not quite being ready for this sweet season of my life to come to a close. It’s had

"It is all really beautiful."

Two and a half years ago, I was in a dark place in my thinking and really struggling to find joy in the day to day. I felt weighted down by monotonous tasks and was struggling to process my emotions regarding certain hardships. I was wondering why there had to be so much ugliness and brokenness in this world. Did the good really outweigh the bad? Because at times it didn't feel like it. I knew God was good all the time, I knew he was close to us through the trials, I knew His light would alway


Dear friends, family, and supporters, I'm writing this out of both a full heart and sadness. The plan was to complete the World Race. This past week I have been at training camp preparing for the mission work we would soon do. Training camp was a whirlwind in it's self. We met our squad and in less than an hour of first meeting we became a family. A family where laughter could be shared, where we could be vulnerable, where we could cry together, and love together. To meeting our teams of eight

Thoughts from India

We have been in India now for two weeks!   It is full of life & colour and just like every country we have been to in Asia, entirely different from the last one. Here are some thoughts from our first half of the month in this fabulous place;     Curry for breakfast is really strange and kinda good at the same time, although I suspect by the end of this month I will never want to eat curry again. It turns out the word curry can really mean about 50 different dishes thoug