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The Spirit’s Flame

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Thanksgiving and Optimism

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Meet the Graces!

A note before the blog: I’d like to apologize to all of my supporters, friends, and family, and everyone who follows my blog. Wifi was very scarce in Nepal, and I had a lot of issues getting my blogs up. I am so sorry these are being posted so late, but in recompense I’m posting three blogs today, and will follow them up within the next week or so with some more. Nepal was a super sweet month for me, and I can’t wait for you guys to hear about what the Lord did in my life there

Means To An End Pt. 2

This month, ministry has been different. In India and Nepal, we did a lot of prayer walks and preaching. That’s all we really could do because the spread of the Gospel is hindered by laws and regulations. Here in Zimbabwe, however, the Gospel is able to be spread freely. My team and I are working with the Scripture Union organization. Our goal is to go into schools and teach the kids about life, but more importantly, God. My team and I have been here for only a couple weeks, but we have a

Hiking in the Himalayas

So one day for ministry, Gresom had us head out to Janakpur, the district next to Kathmandu. So we all piled onto a bus and rode through Kathmandu to the very edge of the city until we reached the last stop. We got off the bus, and just stared at the steep road leading up the mountain. It had to be more than a 45 degree angle up the hill (fun fact: Nepali natives call the mountain we were about to climb a “hill”. We protested saying, “Do you see the size of these things, what a