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The general yuckiness that is associated with this word has given me quite a bit of trouble! You are the Loser. You have lost the battle. You were unable to bear the burden and had to give up. Quitter.   Over and over I felt that shudder almost as painful as the battle itself as I tried to convince myself to surrender to the will of God. I tried to bargain, argue, or run away from this commandment. If I just pray a little more, maybe He will change His mind... If I do XYZ then maybe G

Postcard from Spain

1st Country- Spain! ¡Hola! ¿Que tal? Greetings from Spain. I have visited the city with the running of the bulls! The Camino was difficult, but now it is over. Walking with the same people day after day, then saying “goodbye” - that is the hardest part. I am spending the day in Burgos. Many “holy moments” along the since this morning, & thousands more since I left Los Estados Unidos. I hope you are well. Feel free to pray & respond if willing. =)

Travel Days (Atlanta to Madrid, Spain) The World Race

A few random snippets of my travels to get to our first destination.  Enjoy the short video. :)   7/4/18 to 9/4/18  

Lightsabers take Lightforce

Hey everyone! I cant believe this will be my LAST ministry update! Tomorrow (Monday) is our last ministry day for the entire race. WHAT! It doesn’t feel real. On Tuesday we will pack, and on Wednesday we will make our way to final debrief. We will spend a few days ‘debriefing’ the race, then we fly to America. As I’ve mentioned before, I will be spending some time on the east coast before heading back to Oregon on September 1st. As you know, my team 'Team Lightsabers' h

It's Time to Rewind.

Have you ever gone through seasons of your life that happened SO FAST that you really didn’t get a chance to process them properly? Well that has definitely happened to us throughout this year. Not always, but occasionally life happens so fast and there’s so much going on that it can be hard to sit down and ask yourself, “Wow, what just happened? How do I feel about this? What did God teach me through this?” For Katherine and I, that was the month of Malaysia. If you&rsqu