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I'm Falling In Love With Someone On My Race

First, please let me apologies for the lack of updates recently. After our first month of ministry ended last week, our entire squad loaded onto buses and drove to a hostel in Siem Reap. Here we have spent the past week reflecting, processing, and setting goals for the months to come. Each morning I wake at the blessedly late hour of 7:00 AM and climb the two flights of stairs to the roof. Sliding aside the large paneled door I walk out onto the rooftop patio where I curl into my favorite spot;

My Life the First Thirty Days

Well friends month one is over! Obviously as its the middle of month two already! but because of wifi this is the first time I could actually post this! So click the link to watch my life for the first thirty days in beautiful Swaziland! 

Month 1 in Pictures


Grateful Through it All

Hello sweet friends and family! I am stoked to be able to update you about this past month and how God has been so good to me. My team and I (6 girls in total) travel from our compound to a care point five days a week to share the love of Jesus to His precious children. Everyday looks different. Whether it’s serving the children food or teaching them a class about Jesus’s love or playing soccer for half of the day. No matter what I am doing i can truly see Jesus everyday in these swe

| What I've Learned About Motherhood |

Hi Friends!   I am officially settled in at my Ministry site for Month 1 of the World Race!    After 5 days of extra training and 40 hours of travel, we were so excited to get here.    This month we are working with Kids International Ministries and every day looks different. There are tons of different ways my teammates and I can help out. So far we have helped with painting in the birthing clinic, hosted swim lessons and done daily devotionals with the kids.&nb