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How to Starve to Life

1) Stomach rumbles can be covered up by worshiping louder 2) That empty feeling in your gut gets filled up by The Word 3) ‎Slight stomach cramps are easily remedied by deep prayer 4) ‎Those cravings you get for popcorn or literally any food throughout the day you direct toward something you don't normally crave like actually deep thinking. Facing it. 5) ‎Distract yourself with other things when it gets hard. Like spend 2 hours studying the book of Ester and then 2 more hours play


Muzungu. That's what they call us on the soccer field when they have no idea what your name is, but want you to somehow come score a goal for them even though your eye foot coordination is about the same as that of a dead fly. Muzungu. That's what they call us when we are walking the streets before they all rush us like a group of linebackers and hurl themselves at you trusting you to catch them...all 10 at once. Muzungu. That's what they call us when they argue over us in the school yard. The a

Shall We Let Them Die?

Shall we let them die without hope? Wasting away Wandering in the wilderness Finding no city of refuge in this barren land No satisfaction no security no safety. Shall we let them be afficted by their wrongs? Watch them try everything and anything except the one thing that will heap them Watch them pour into an emptiness they can not fill Throw in the needles, the drugs, the broken hearts, the broken bodies, the next rush Throw into their souls the things that kill And yet We stand silently with


I take life wayyyy too seriously. Especially before the race, I was very hard on myself and others. Driven by perfectionism, achievement, and a fear of the future, I tried to control every situation.  I was scared that my failure or success would derail God’s plans for my life. I seemed to believe that my actions would change God’s or that my actions would decide if His plan came to fruition. Because of this, I took everything way too seriously, and I became driven by striving