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I Found Death in Africa

"This woman is a widow and has lost her son..." "Yes, she is a widow and three of her family members also passed away..." "Her mother is dead, so she lives with her grandmother who lost her husband..." DEATH. There is so much death here in Zimbabwe. My team and I had the privilege of doing house visits a few days ago for ministry. We went with a few of the locals who are caregivers for children with HIV/AIDS. These caregivers often visit the sick children to check in on them and pray for t

It Was The Night Before Training Camp And All Through The House...

I won't be sleeping tonight…  I can't believe I have made it to this moment.   I committed to go on the World Race on March 3 2017. That's seven months of looking forward to this day.  28 weeks of counting down. 196 days of sending texts to my squad mates saying "Can't wait to meet you!" 4,704 hours of waiting.  282,240 seconds of wishing this day would come.   And now it is here.   I am currently sitting in my 16-year-old cousin's room in Suwanee

Falling in Love with the Literal Face of the Lord

The Lord is a weirdo. And sometimes He takes my thoughts to some really unique places. So hang on tight as I try and explain the crazy awesome ways that the Lord has been speaking to me. The other day the Lord brought me to a place of thinking about how beautiful He is. Not just in a metaphorical way. Not just His beautiful heart. But how honestly, He's probably handsome. I just started breaking down the different aspects of His facial features. His eyes are probably the most deep, mesmerizing

Adventure Day 1: Novi Sad

Yesterday was our day off so we decided to experience the Lord's beauty here in Novi Sad, Serbia! We ventured through the city to the Petrovaradin Fortress- a must see for anyone here. The Lord's wondrous beauty shown all around and through it as we got the chance to see such a strong man-made structure collide with nature. An experience that left me in dumb-founded wonder and "aweness".  Hallelujah! Check out the photo gallery to see more photos of our time here!

Meditation Monday – The Upside Down King

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