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Lust and Lost Wandering: Part Three

It’s easy to see now that almost all of my sexual frustrations, bondage, and brokenness grew out of the fact that, ultimately, I knew nothing about sex. And I mean nothing. But you couldn’t have told me that then. No, I lived most of my adolescence and young adulthood confidently convinced that I knew all there was to know about it.  I saw what the world showed me.  I was interested, enticed, and aware of this sex thing that seemed so delightfully imposing. In our cultur

loving the sinner

  I have been trying to wrap my thoughts into words about bar ministry the past two weeks. I will be posting another blog along with this one about it!  I hope and pray this blog makes you uncomfortable.       About two weeks ago my parents had the opportunity to come to the Philippines for PVT (Parent Vision Trip) for one week to do ministry with me. During that week we partnered with Wipe Every Tear. A ministry that fights for freedom.     Wipe Every

Run With Abandon

There's something that I want to address -- and continue addressing for the next year of life. My hope is that this conversation never fades, and that no matter what I write about, my words would effortlessly hold of the aroma of this disposition: “Run With Abandon” Welcome to the entirety of my relationship with the King, wrapped up in one phrase. It’s not just a catchy tag alluding to whimsical aspirations of running through fields with no cares (but knowing me, there&rsquo

The first of many

Well here we go, I am so excited to be starting my blog and writing my first of many post! You can find out more about my specific race through this page, I will be leaving September 8th and will be gone for 9 straight months spreading the gospel across 3 continents to Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and Cambodia. I am still in disbelief that I have been called to go on this amazing journey but after a lot of prayer I decided to jump all in and start this life changing experience. This is one of the m

love redefined

I’ve been trying to write this blog for two weeks now but none of my words ever seem to be good enough or adequately present how I felt during the whole thing, but I want people to read this so badly so here is my best shot. 2 weeks ago my mom came and visited me here in the Philippines! (Hi, mom!!!! I loved having you here more than I told you, but this blog isnt really about you, sorry!) It was two universes colliding, weird and amazing, a blessing for sure. During the Parent Vision Tri