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Week 3 Advent Activities

Submitted by Godspace

Week 3 of Advent from John Lewis’ book, Finding the Treasure in Christmas: A Guide to celebrating Advent for Families 

Special Activities:

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Where in the world are you going?!

Hey there my name is Miriam Scholl (Myra) Mira for short. I will be going to India in July :) I feel more awkward typing this than I am in real life haha. So lets do this QA style Where do you live? Rio Rancho, New Mexico How did I hear about World Race? So around 2015 A girl in our young adult ministry was going and I thought it was the craziest thing and never really thought about it again. That was until I started seeing what God was doing through her in photos and videos. Then all of a

Fatima- What Am I Doing Here

Fatima is twenty-two and has seven children. She was married when she was fourteen. Her youngest are beautiful three month old twin girls! She looks tired, as any mother of new born twins would. And she is surrounded by the women of the camp as she welcomes us onto her front porch.    The women around her share stories of husbands leaving them for second wives. We listen and do our best to combat those stories with the truth of a God who loves and pursues each of them in ways they wi

Why We All Deserve Hell, but Receive Grace

The past week has been heavy on my heart. Next Monday is my last day on the job, and so a sense of urgency and intentionality has come across me to share the gospel with my coworkers. This has been challenging as well as sad because it has not resulted in obvious good results. I know the word of God never returns void, however, the lies have been pouring down on me since about me going on the world race. This is difficult for me to write about because of the gravity of what it means to reject Ch

My Family Portrait

     While on The World Race your team has “Team Time” everyday except for your off days (Adventure Day’s and Sabbath’s). Team Time’s look different for each and every team and they run the gamut of things from taking the enneagram test and discussing your results, to blogging, to watching a movie, and anything and everything in between. I get to lead a team time once a week and I often try to make them themed so that my team can turn what we did into