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Guess what... my wonderful team and I made a music video based of one of Disney's best films ever: HOLES! (PS: If you've never seen it, it's a must-see :)) Just for your viewing pleasure, here it is!  

An Open Letter To My High School Self

Dear Elizabeth, Full of wonder. Full of spunk. Full of readiness. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into with this World Race. You’re about to travel the world. Experience new cultures. Experience new things. See people in a way that you’ve never seen people before. It’s scary. It’s exhilarating. It’s insane. But this is exactly what you need right now. You signed up for a missions trip but you’re going to get so much more. Self discovery.

DISCOVERIES: things I've learned while being on the race!

Every place I’ve lived for the past 8 months has at some point felt like home, and it’s been extremely hard to leave. It’s possible to form very close relationships in just a few short months which make changes extremely difficult. I’ve grown to enjoy change and all that it entails. Toilet paper can be scented... WHO KNEW?  I will survive not seeing my mom for months at a time. My nephew hasn’t forgotten me, in fact I think he loves me ever more now. &n

Dance Bars Taught Me How to Pray

When I heard we were ministering in the Nepali dance bars, I was eager. I never thought we’d enter into this kind of ministry on the race, and it was happening in our final month. So the night came, the first night we were going in. We worshiped for a few hours, split into our groups, and off we went. Walking up the stairs to the bar itself overwhelmed me more than I expected. Thick smoke puffed out from the bottom of the door and bright lights strobed back and forth confusing my eyes

I'm Trying to Be

A few days I was up trekking in the mountains in Nepal. My new team Beautiful Things went up to pray and minister to the people in the faraway villages as well as our fellow travelers we met along the way. I am thankful for all the people we met and got to tell about Jesus.  I walk away from the mountains thankful for more clarity. A few days before I left on the world race everyone on my squad was given a key with a word stamped into it. The word I got was ‘faith.’ I was prett