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Bucket Showers, Squatty Potties, and Bare Feet

We are living in a village about forty minutes outside of the city of Sisophon in the province of Banteay Meanchey. I'm excited to live more simply this month. We have bucket showers and squatty potties here. On one of our first days, I spent a good minute trying to convince myself that the three yellow tree frogs in three out of four corners of the bathroom wouldn't jump out on me while I was showering. I even retreated to the second stall to see if any were in there, but my teammate was

Coffee/Bus Thoughts

Can’t lie to you, this won’t be my finest piece. Probably just the mental ramblings of an angsty 21 year old gazing out of a bus window. Long stares off into the distance peering into the unknown, shrouded with a false sense of wisdom and mental enlightenment. I digress, enjoy this mental offload. • Maybe that’s the point. Maybe we aren’t called just to ask for the small things in life. Maybe; just maybe, we are called to ask for more. Why do I say this? Because it

Joyous Smiles

I am in a country surrounded by people who simply s m i l e. If there was one word I would have to use to describe Cambodia it would be smiley or nhn-youm the pronunciation of smile in Khmer, the native language here. It's an outward expression of who they are as a whole-- content, loving, friendly and above all caring. Just this week we experienced all the joys and smiles so freely given to my team and I and our translators, Dom and Eunice when we visited a village about 3 hours from where w


Hello! Just a bit of wifi here at the moment - I can only get 50mb free in town and that's why I got booted off last week, but this time around I typed it out in my notes so I could copy and paste it! So our ministry and living situation definitely changed a lot from Panama to Lesotho. So we always get up for our 630am, one mile walk every morning and then hour long quiet time with the Lord. Breakfast at 8 which alternates oats and porridge. Morning ministry is walking 20-25 min into the villag

Prophetic Doodling

Newsflash I’m in Nepal! Yes, to answer your question, I did see Mt. Everest and it was so thrilling. A couple of squad mates and I took a plane ride across the Himalayas and there it was, the highest point on earth. It was very symbolic because there I was, staring at the top of world. The Lord is a grand artist full of wondrous ideas for this spectacular planet. The pollution here, however, is a downer because Kathmandu is basically just a big valley surrounded by many mountains but you c