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A Day in the Life - Ethiopia, Africa

A Day in the Life - Youtube Vid Click the link for a look at what a typical day in Ethiopia looks like! 

Day in the Life - Refugee Camp in Ethiopia

Check out this video my teammate Miranda made of a day of ministry and life here in Ethiopia!

Testimonies Galore


More than words

When you have talented teammates you take full advantage of their work.  Hope you can enjoy a video of what our life has looked like in Ethiopia.  


Ohhhh, we’re half way there!!! June 24, 2018. The Race is half way over. I can’t believe it. Here are some lessons I’ve learned so far. This blog is fun because I can tell ya a lot of the funny things I have learned and experienced abroad.   Check it: 159 days 159 lessons Pawpaw tastes like mango + cantaloupe = mangalope  Africans eat all parts of the fish-fins eyeballs and all Also Asians eat chicken feet Ivorians trap their neighbors cats for dinner I lov